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Story of Kaitlyn Maher

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Kaitlyn Maher Story:

When Kaitlyn was 18 months old, her parents thought she might have a problem: She never stopped singing and always sang herself to sleep. Worried that she wasn't getting enough sleep, her parents took her to the pediatrician. The diagnosis: She just loves to sing. When Kaitlyn was 3, relatives in Canada asked whether she would come sing at a birthday party. Kaitlyn's mother was pregnant with her second child,so the Mahers couldn't go, so they said they'd send a video of Kaitlyn singing. After the video wouldn't e-mail, her parents resorted to YouTube. Five months later, her father received a call from NBC's "America's Got Talent," asking Kaitlyn to audition for Season 3. Her Parents debated the idea -- Kaitlyn had never been onstage -- but Kaitlyn was excited. On the way to New York, she told her parents that she wanted to see "the sparkles come down" at the finale. "Okay, sweetheart, just try your best and have fun," answered her father. "Daddy, I'm going to ask Jesus," Kaitlyn responded, bowing her head to ask Jesus to let her see the confetti fall at the night the winners of the show are announced. On the episode when she was introduced to audiences across America, she walked to the big "X" at center stage as the audience and judges smiled. Holding the corner of her pink dress with one hand and a microphone with the other, Kaitlyn sang "Somewhere Out There" from the animated film "An American Tail." Her adorable voice surprised the audience the audition, and was awarded with a standing ovation. The judges were also impressed.

"You might just be the best 4 year old singer in the world."

-Piers Morgan

She even managed to melt the heart of America's Got Talent executive producer and Britain's toughest critic.

"I've got to tell you, this is the most mature ambitious four year old I've ever met in my life."

-Simon Cowell

Her song immediately turned viewers into fans. Kaitlyn excelled as a contestant, moving from New York to Las Vegas to Hollywood to the top 40 and finally becoming the youngest ever to make it through to the top 10 of America's got talent. Kaitlyn was ill when she sang the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" but went on to sing and do what she loved to do handling it like a real trooper, but even so Kaitlyn was eliminated and excluded from the top five." She learned that you don't always win which is a good lesson," says her father. "She wasn't in it for the gold anyway." Kaitlyn was invited back to preform at the finale with the entire top 10. Her father, who stayed in Ashburn for his job as director of an information tech practice, watched from home. The winner held Kaitlyn up into the air as the "sparkles" came down. It was then her father realized that Kaitlyn's prayer had been answered.

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