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Other choice besides antivirus softwares

How safe is your computer when you're online (even off-line) ? To avoiding many threats out there is a difficult task, even you're an experienced user ! Choosing a good security software or an anti-virus software is a must, but how do you know what is suit to your desperate need to protect your computer now ? Is there another choice ? Yes, of cause, it's using virtualization technology, security software that creates a separate environment allowing you unlimited freedom to enjoy all Internet activities without the fear of external threats !

Currently, there are two choice, one paid software and free software. If you want , try it to see how it works.

Paid software: Bufferzone
Alternative Free software: Sanboxie - click here to download

BufferZone Technolgy

Prevention vs. Reaction

Anti-virus software is based on a concept of waiting and reacting to new malware and other threats developed and released on the Internet. An untold number of computers and computer systems are severely damaged before most anti-virus providers react and race each other to be the first to develop and deliver new security updates to fight new threats.

This reactive concept of traditional anti-malware security technology comes with a built-in and fatal flaw: The constant need for signature updates.

BufferZone Needs No Signature Updates

BufferZone's preventative and proactive security requires no signature updates or reactionary security decisions - ever. Computer systems protected by BufferZone are constantly and automatically protected from any known or unidentified malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, keyloggers, phishing and more, even if you happen to be the first to download the newest threat.

The Virtual Zone

BufferZone's unique application virtualization technology transparently redirects any potentially threats such as browser based applications or other downloaded desktop applications to an isolated virtual environment called the Virtual Zone protecting your actual system from dangerous Internet threats.

BufferZone's technology should not be confused with PC virtualization software such as VMware or Virtual PC and does not consume resources, memory and CPU space the way PC virtualization software does. Moreover, it fits into your existing Windows environment with no need to create or manage a separate virtual environment.

BufferZone application virtualization merely redirects PC modifications by Internet and downloaded programs to a separate environment labeled C:\Virtual on the hard drive while Windows and its processes continue to run normally within their usual environment. It's as if those programs and files never modified anything on your actual system and your PC's system configuration and registry (OS) stay clean and out of harms way.

BufferZone classifies Internet programs and their downloads as untrusted by default, automatically blocking all entry or writing attempts (modifications) by any form of malware. By isolating untrusted programs and files inside the Virtual Zone, BufferZone prevents hidden and malicious applications from watching or damaging your PC's assets.

BufferZone Screenshot BufferZone Policy

The Benefits of Total Internet Freedom

BufferZone Technology allows you to surf anywhere, download anything, open e-mail attachments, share & chat with your friends and colleagues and e-bank with no fear or risk of infecting your PC with viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, worms, keyloggers or other malicious programs.

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